SUPONIC has been released.

Suponic's 5000+ people event is being discussed

Published on Jan 17, 2019

SUPONIC, a company that changes the future of the world, is revealed.

In 2017-2018 many people were curious,
The theme of SUPONIC, which was concealed in a veil, was the Present of SUPONIC, not the past,
On January 29, 2019, KBS Arena held more than 5 hours of forum with more than 5,000 spectators.

SUPONIC makes the impossible possible As a compound word of ice and water,

① Innovation, sharing, win-win, prosperity, service
② The most valuable, mo st benevolent enterprise
③ Companies that are widely benefiting human beings
④ SUPONIC to heal the world by loving the world
⑤ A company that everyone makes together, a company that makes everyone happy

Is a business platform company that has been preparing for two years.

Even in 2017, CEO of Alibaba, China's leading logistics distribution company,
As a company that focuses on CEO Roy Roy of 'Market Engine', an Australian logistics company,

Well-known in the distribution industry, I was attracted by many people,
There were a lot of questions at the time, and there was a lot of controversy about the reality of the company.
For the first time in April 2018, SUPONIC CEO Jonathan Allell, Craig Peterson, the chief executive of the IT industry,
Todd Benson, a 30-year senior UPS lawyer,

As CEO of Market Engine and CEO of LOOSHI, responsible for SUPONIC Financial System, At Ilsan KINTEX, we hold the largest forum,

I talked to various people who visited at the time about the technology of SUPONIC, I have tried to demonstrate technology.
In 2019, nine to ten months after that, It was time for presentation about 'what business to do and how to do business'.

2018 was the time to prepare for the expansion of the business,

We can confirm that the year 2019 is the time to put the project into practice,
By signing MOUs with seven Korean companies, SUPONIC has reached an agreement to coexist, coexist, and prosper with companies.

As a representative company that has signed a business agreement with SUPONIC,
We are ready to provide the highest quality leather products to the rapidly growing pet animal market every year in the age of low fertility,
To become a luxury brand in the dog goods industry, SUPONIC's affiliate S Royal, As a well-known company in the game industry,

GAME CREDIT, CEO of MOBILEGO and a MOU with Sergei Shorom, a friend of SUPONIC's president Jay Park.
In addition to upgrading the video of screen golf courses nationwide at a low cost,
SGC (SUPONIC GOLF CLUB) which can enjoy screen golf with the highest quality picture quality, And so on.

GTE, also known as wind power generation, and Dawn Company, a film company.
At the SUPONIC forum, there was also a presentation by a global mogul.

Craig Peterson, one of the world's top experts who have been called 'Intel's father' I explained the technology of Ultra VR,
It was even demonstrated.
While promising companies around the world are trying to develop technology to enter the VR market,

It is a reality that the CPU is limited, With Peterson's technology, you can convert all the games in the world to VR in real time,
This breakthrough technology is the only one in the world, and it has been announced that it will be able to enjoy thousands and tens of thousands of games in VR versions through this technology.
Based on Neonet Converting technology, Peterson's technology enables 3D glasses, 3D mobile phones, 3D laptops, 3D TV and other video equipment are available, It is expected to hit the market in 2019.
SUPONIC has exclusive rights to use the technology,

2019 is a good time to see if SUPONIC will be a year of emergency.

Hollywood is expected to enter the sports market and affect its economic structure In addition,
There was also time to explain the 'Mike Tyson Coin', which is expected to generate many economic benefits.
In addition, SUPONIC is ahead of the World Esports Association (WEA) Steve Jobs' advisor,
The director who designed the overall field for the creation of the E sports association
Lorenzo Triana The world, which starts in March, explained about sports leagues.

According to the league, not only SUPONIC but all participating companies will run an E-sports league based on a global platform,
We will build a huge user infrastructure, It is expected to generate tremendous sales.
In the case of SUPONIC, we have had a lot of time in preparation for various projects, Now that the various businesses are ready,

We have already completed preparations for a monopoly position in businesses that already have a lot of demand.
In the case of games, there were statistics that 20% of the world were gamers,

We will soon launch a market that serves hundreds of games on one platform,

We are ready to dominate the market based on the unique and advanced technologies of video equipment.

SUPONIC's businesses are one of the most competitive, competitive, and risk-

As a business based on overwhelming technology, it will enter into various businesses that can generate large profits with a small amount of money.
As the explanation for this SUPONIC went on, the moderator was not surprised, The audience also did not stop admiring.

We can not wait to see how SUPONIC's projects are starting to emerge in the near future,
And how the world will accept SUPONIC,
And how widely SUPONIC benefits humans,
Can you practice your corporate philosophy?
It is worth taking an interest.