to Suponic

The next generation institution
for the blockchain era

About Us

Our dedicated team of programmers, software engineers, marketing and media experts are working around the clock to improve existing technologies and introduce new ones to help revolutionize the cryptocurrency and online technology industries.

The Suponic Project is about launching our own unique cryptocurrency coin (“Suponic Coins”), a state-of-the-art secure, fast and scalable online cryptocurrency exchange (“Suponic Exchange”), providing access to a new secure E-Wallet and developing our very own user-friendly Mobile App.

Our Vision

Is for cryptocurrencies to be
accessible to anyone worldwide,
making it truly mainstream.

Our Mission

Is to become a state-of-the-art, virtual cryptocurrency company that provides exceptional service, state-of-the-art technology and innovations, and allow customers to freely engage with cryptocurrencies with minimal hassles.

Suponic is a global creative technology firm
with a key focus on providing the user, friendly
innovative solutions coupled with exceptional
customer service


Key Features

Currently the only Cryptocurrency Tech firm that provides a one-stop solution with

Suponic Coins

Suponic Exchange Platform

Suponic E-Wallet

Suponic Mobile App

Unique Innovative Technology Ensuring





Guaranteed Minimum Retention Value

1 USD: 1 Suponic Coin

Exceptional Customer Service

of Crypto-tech Forum

We have conducted a successful Crypto-tech forum on Saturday 14 April 2018, With the official launch held at the "Suponic Crypto-Tech Forum" event in Seoul, South Korea. To know more about what we do, please read our whitepaper.

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The SUPONIC Project proposes to be the Next Generation Institute for the Blockchain Era, combining state-of-the-art technology and innovations with exceptional service and products. The SUPONIC Project is also a very personable project with the founders having a sincere desire and vision to make positive actionable changes in the world and provide hope for the future generations.